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Complete Blog Planner

When I started this blog I knew that I would need a good planner to keep me organized & productive. I used one from a fellow blogger for a while & then decided to make my own after I knew what worked best for me.

Are you a blogger who needs a little help with planning & organization?

This Blog Planner is the one that I use & it has everything that you need (+ a little) to run your blog. If I am wrong and you need some extra sheets, just message me and I will customize for you!

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What is in this blog planner?

  • Cover Page
  • Daily Tasks– Set specific tasks for specific days…ex–> Make Images on Mondays
  • Daily Blog Checklist– Keep up with things that you need to work on each day.
  • Daily Post Checklist– Use this to remember all of the details for each blog post.
  • Social Media Calendar– Track your social scheduling with this one.
  • Blog Post Schedule– See when to schedule your posts on social media (useful for Hootsuite and other scheduling tools)
  • Monthly Goals– Set goals to stay motivated!
  • Monthly Stats– Keep up with your stats from social media numbers to subscribers to bounce rate & pageviews.
  • Login List– You can keep your accounts listed here with usernames and passwords.
  • Giveaway Tracker– Have Giveaways coming up? Keep up with them here.
  • Giveaway Checklist– Use this list to make sure that you don’t forget anything in your giveaway.
  • Review Tracker– Keep up with upcoming & past reviews here.
  • Review Checklist– Use this to make sure that you don’t forget any essentials in your review.
  • Incoming Guest Posts– Track the author, blog post title, date due, and if it has been submitted or not.
  • Outgoing Guest Posts– List your guest blog post title, date due, and if you have submitted it or not.
  • Advertisers & Sponsors– Have advertisers or sponsorships? List them here.
  • Affiliates– List all of your affiliate partnerships with login info on this sheet.
  • Income Report– Track your income.
  • Expense Report– Track your expenses.
  • Post Idea Brainstorm Sheets– Brain Dump post ideas for different categories on these sheets.

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This blog planner has everything that you need to get your blog info organized! Track your income, log your affiliate info, keep up with growth, and more!


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