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The ability to homeschool is a blessing & the need to plan a is a necessary evil that comes along with it. It is difficult to keep track of daily work, attendance, yearly plans, field trips, safety drills, etc when you have toddlers & infants hanging off of your hips. You need a clear cut record keeping system to make it a bit easier.

Are you struggling to keep your homeschool planning in order? 

My All-in-One Homeschool Planner can give you the efficiency & simplicity that you are looking for in homeschool record keeping.

Planning is different for each family and record keeping laws vary from county to county & state to state. No matter where you are, this planner gives you a strong core of documents for your own sanity & in the case that you are ever faced with an audit.

Let me show you how I use the All-in-One-Homeschool Planner for our family!

All in One Homeschool Planner- Green

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What does the All-in-one Homeschool Planner include?

  • Cover- This sheet goes on the front  of my homeschool binder
  • Learning Plan– The Learning Plan has columns for each subject, curriculum used, and the days that a particular subject will be studied each week.
  • Goal Sheet– Each month I set new goals for our homeschool on the Monthly Goals sheet. These goals could be academic (Q1 should read # of books/month) or mental/emotional (Have more patience when teaching math).
  • Attendance– I keep an attendance log for each day that we do school work, go on field trips, or do community service work. I place the date in the left column and a check mark or x in the right column.
  • Weekly Lesson Plan– The Weekly Lesson Plan sheet is where I write down what we plan to accomplish on each day for each subject.
  • Reading Log– We are working hard to increase the number of books we read. To help with this, I keep up with each completed book in this reading log. When it is filled up, Q1 gets a special treat to celebrate!
  • Community Service Log– The Community Service Log Sheet contains all volunteer work completed by the school age kiddos.
  • Field Trip & Vacation Logs– Anytime we go on a field trip/vacation or complete community service work I write down the date, where we went, what we did, and what the educational purpose was for our records.
  • Extracurricular Activities– Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed by our extracurricular activities so I created a form to help me keep track. Soccer, Piano, Baseball, 4-H, Trail Life, etc…
  • Doctor Visit Records– Our family doesn’t visit the doctor often, but when we do I forget which kid had what within 3 months. The doctor visit form helps me to keep track of any illnesses & medications that my kids have throughout the year without having to keep a mental file.
  • Safety Drills/Lessons Log– It is ALWAYS a great idea to practice safety drills (fire, tornado, etc) with your kids. I use the Safety Lessons/Drills Form so I can easily see when we are due for a refresher.

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Also available in pink!

Get your homeschooling ducks in a row with my All-in-One Homeschool Planner! Choose between pink & green or message me for custom requests!


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