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Meet the Mama behind Faithful Farmwife!

Hey y’all! I’m Jess… wife to a super awesome…albeit crazy:)…man, homeschooling mama of 3 wild kiddos, bread baker, penny pincher, lover of all things agriculture, and most importantly a child of the One True King. We live smack dab in the Bible Belt…Tennessee…where we enjoy going barefoot, hunting & fishing, growing our own food, raising goats & chickens, cheering for the Vols, and living 25 minutes (yes, we use minutes instead of miles here..don’t judge us) from any type of business. I won’t apologize for my use of ain’t and y’all or my love for Jesus, but I might just invite you over for some homemade banana pudding and a jar of extra sweet tea 😉
To learn a little more about the people and experiences that shaped who I am you can check out this page–> My Story

What is the Purpose & Mission of Faithful Farmwife?

The mission of Faithful Farmwife is to help women raise faithful, frugal, and simple-life-loving families through homemaking, homesteading, and homeschooling with Christ as the cornerstone. Mamas on the homestead are tasked with caring for the home, the children, the animals, the husband, and the land. Doing these things well while staying sane & social and keeping up with self-care can seem almost impossible. Toss in homeschooling and you have a recipe for chaos. Faithful Farmwife was started as a way for me to share real life motherhood with other moms like myself and to give encouragement, resources, and tips to help others out on this journey. I do my best to live a faithful, frugal, simple, yet fulfilling life and I want you to join in with me! It doesn’t matter if you live on 40 ares with animals & a large garden or in an apartment where you can produce & grow a window herb garden… We are all on the same path and we want the best for our families.